Select Location Lighting

Check your garage for some localized dark spots. Sometimes an extra light over a specific spot will increase the overall feel of the lighting in the entire garage. Here is a classy option made by Lithonia Lighting which also happens to be LED which will be much less expensive to operate.

Here is a classy and easy to use and install light fixture that will work well over any workbench or work area and offer the garage lighting scheme a wonderful addition. You can use this near a shelving unit in your garage to light up that area when you are finding items stored, or perhaps you could use this over a hallway or walking path, which will aide in safety. This is especially important near steps or staircases.

Here is also a much less expensive option to compare against. I think you’ll find that the $99 option is a superb value and likely the best and most versatile lighting for you.


Variety of Options

You have a lot of options for your garage lighting. A common option is still fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting looks good, and is generally visually appealing. Below are some pictures of lights that would look good for for your garage lighting project.

Garage-Lighting-Ideas-With-Red-Cabinets and porsche




Many people use their garage for far more than just items pertaining to their automobiles. For them the garage is a retreat, a place to get creative and a place to create or perhaps just recreate. Light up your garage properly!



Here is another option for you. It looks quite similar, but in fact it is LED lighting. LED is far more energy efficient and cost effective. The initial investment is slightly higher, however the payback begins immediately.  You will noticed the same lumen output as the traditional bulbs, or perhaps even be able to choose as expansion to light up more of your garage. Either way, your lower energy bills may just keep you smiling.



Your garage lighting ideas will come to reality.

Garage Light Switch Covers

garage light switch cover

Adding a fun light switch is a simple and easy way to add some personality to your garage lighting. Don’e be bashful. Not only can they be colorful, decorative and durable, they can also be fun and a great gift.

Show off your favorite car brand, your fav sports team or you class with a simple diamond plate light switch cover. Tons of options! Your garage lighting will have more character beginning right at the switch.

Shop Lights

LED Work Lights

There are more and more LED options available and for your garage lighting that is no exception. You can find overhead LED Lights for your garage as well as LED work lights. The benefits to LED are numerous in general and that applies also to your garage lights. You want bright light, safe light, easy to replace and long lasting bulbs. LED lights certainly fit the bill.

Check out the many options for LED Work Lights available online.
Because they are smaller and use less energy, they now can become portable and rechargeable lights that are effective and last a long time. Think ahead about the many times it would be convenient to have a work light or shop light that wasn’t dependent on the power being on.

Quick-Check Question List before you buy your next Work Lights:

1) How bright so they need to be?
Will you be using them in smaller spaces, or do they need to light up large spaces.
2) Is it better to go with 2 medium size lights or 1 large?
2 medium might be more convenient, but also more cumbersome
3) Standard plug in, or rechargeable and portable?

4) LED or Halogen?

Outdoor Garage Lighting

outdoor garage lighting

Visible Outdoor Garage Lighting

Your outdoor garage lighting is often first seen when people pull up to your home in the evening. Not only are garages built more prominently today, but it is usually a prefered function to have easy access to the garage. Implementing the right kind of outdoor garage lighting will enhance your curb appeal and increase the perceived value of your home.

outdoor garage lighting

Outdoor Garage Lighting Sensors

Incorporating sensors into your outdoor garage lighting is a great addition. You can add motion sensors so that the lights will turn on when there is movement, or you could also have a sensor that is based on the current sunlight (or lack thereof) for example a light that turns on from dusk to dawn.  You can also incorporate timers that will turn the lights on and off a certain times or intervals to look more realistic that someone is turning them on or off.

Outdoor garage lighting LED and energy efficient options

There are a number of LED bulbs that you can simply screw into your existing outdoor garage lighting fixture. This is obviously the most simple way to retro fit your current lighting into something far more energy efficient. Usually traditional flood lights or incandescent bulbs just doesn’t make sense anymore and you need to change them. This is not only from an energy savings standpoint, but also the LED bulbs are more reliable, need less frequent changing and will not burden our landfills.

exterior garage lighting

Using your outdoor garage lighting as security lights

Your outdoor garage lighting options are not only so you can see where your garage is. If you install them correctly, they can act as a security lighting system for your entire house. They can be aimed to light up your driveway, walkway to our front or back doors and much more. Lighting is a great deterrent for crime and mischief.

Find you perfect outdoor garage lighting options and make a great curbside impression on yourself, your visitors and neighbors.

Light Fixtures Fluorescent

Diamond Plate Chrome Light Fixtures Fluorescent

[amazon_image id=”B003D46BNA” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lithonia Lighting Diamond Plate Chrome Chrome Finish 2-Light Linear[/amazon_image] [amazon_image id=”B002BRR2MY” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lithonia Lighting 1241DP RE 4ft T8 2bulb Diamondplate[/amazon_image]

Although a professionally designed and installed  lighting system looks spectacular, a simple and classic solution for any garage, can be as easy as swapping out your traditional Light Fixtures Fluorescent and adding a diamond plate chrome light fixture.

diamond plated Light Fixtures Fluorescent

Benefits of  Diamond Plate Chrome Light Fixtures Fluorescent

The primary benefit of Chrome plated Light Fixtures Fluorescent are the aesthetics.  Naturally it is important to you how your garage looks and the sparkle reflection of chrome makes a great statement for any garage. Especially if you have other chrome products on your vehicle or tool boxes.  Even matching it with your outlet and light switch covers is smart.

Where to Buy Chrome Light Fixtures Fluorescent

Online shopping is a great source of Light Fixtures Fluorescent. You can easily compare brands, prices and availability. At home improvement stores, you often only find one source or brand and that makes comparing hard. Many online retailers have free or discounted shipping and you can easily select the right size and specifications for your needs.

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B003D46BNA” /] [amazon_enhanced asin=”B002BRR2MY” /] [amazon_enhanced asin=”B002BHSLVA” /]

Enjoy your Chrome Light Fixtures Fluorescent.