Variety of Options

You have a lot of options for your garage lighting. A common option is still fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting looks good, and is generally visually appealing. Below are some pictures of lights that would look good for for your garage lighting project.

Garage-Lighting-Ideas-With-Red-Cabinets and porsche




Many people use their garage for far more than just items pertaining to their automobiles. For them the garage is a retreat, a place to get creative and a place to create or perhaps just recreate. Light up your garage properly!



Here is another option for you. It looks quite similar, but in fact it is LED lighting. LED is far more energy efficient and cost effective. The initial investment is slightly higher, however the payback begins immediately.  You will noticed the same lumen output as the traditional bulbs, or perhaps even be able to choose as expansion to light up more of your garage. Either way, your lower energy bills may just keep you smiling.



Your garage lighting ideas will come to reality.

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LED Work Lights

There are more and more LED options available and for your garage lighting that is no exception. You can find overhead LED Lights for your garage as well as LED work lights. The benefits to LED are numerous in general and that applies also to your garage lights. You want bright light, safe light, easy to replace and long lasting bulbs. LED lights certainly fit the bill.

Check out the many options for LED Work Lights available online.
Because they are smaller and use less energy, they now can become portable and rechargeable lights that are effective and last a long time. Think ahead about the many times it would be convenient to have a work light or shop light that wasn’t dependent on the power being on.

Quick-Check Question List before you buy your next Work Lights:

1) How bright so they need to be?
Will you be using them in smaller spaces, or do they need to light up large spaces.
2) Is it better to go with 2 medium size lights or 1 large?
2 medium might be more convenient, but also more cumbersome
3) Standard plug in, or rechargeable and portable?

4) LED or Halogen?

Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers

A simple addition to your garage lighting plan is adding custom Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers. These Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers are easy to clean, give a great industrial look and will match other chrome products you have in your garage.

Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers

[amazon_image id=”B00172VCFM” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” alt=”Diamond Plate Double Outlet” ]Diamond Plate Double Outlet[/amazon_image]
 [amazon_image id=”B001G74890″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” alt=”Diamond Triple GFCI” ]Diamond Plate Triple GFI Light Switch[/amazon_image]
[amazon_image id=”B001VNXZYS” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Diamond Polished Aluminum – Single Switch Outlet Combo Cover[/amazon_image]
 [amazon_image id=”B00172TJPW” link=”true” alt=”Diamond Plate Outlet Cover” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Diamond Plate Single Outlet[/amazon_image]

The Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers Product Features

  • Polished Aluminum Material
  • Hight Quality Stamping
  • Counter Sunk Hole
  • Includes Stainless Steel Screws
Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers

Long Term Benefits of Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers

The Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers are easy to clean and maintain, will look good for years to come and are far less likely to break than ordinary cheap plastic light covers. If you have just finished spent a large amount of money on getting your garage lighting look good, then you need to finish off the project with Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers.

By adding Diamond Plate Outlet and Switch Covers to your garage lighting, you make an inexpensive fix and still a stunning impression.

T8 Fluorescent Light Fixtures For Garage

One of the best types of lighting fixtures you can purchase now is the T8. Most people used to purchase the T4 and T5, however the T8 provides a superior lighting which is more crisp and easier on the eyes. If you plan on spending lots of time in a garage then you will want to get the long-tube fluorescent bulbs which use about a quarter of the electricity as incandescent bulbs do.

A single or double bulb system in a garage is probably not going to be enough if you will be working for long periods of time, but it is a great option for those looking at saving money, and being efficient. Below you will find a table of various types of ratings on bulbs which you might have looked at already. This will give you a better idea of how well they can light a garage.

3000K 52-53 Warm White none
3000K 74-79 Deluxe Warm White FxxT8/730
3000K 82-85 Proprietary FxxT8/830
3500K 57-60 Medium White none
3500K 74-78 Proprietary FxxT8/735
3500K 82-85 Proprietary FxxT8/835
4100K 62-67 Cool White none
4100K 74-78 Proprietary FxxT8/741
4100K 82-89 Deluxe Cool White FxxT8/841
6500K 75-79 Daylight none
6500K 75-79 Daylight FxxT8/741
6500K 82-85 Proprietary FxxT8/841

Garage Lighting Layout

One of the toughest parts of having a small garage or even a large one for that matter is knowing how the layout of the lights will be. This is especially important if you will be doing work on your car, or if you have other projects such as wood working or crafts within the garage.

The layout of the garage is also important. While an overhead single light is usually enough for most people who are parking their cars inside, for a craftsman, its not. This can be another reason why wall mounted lights can give better coverage at eye level, while illuminating the ground much better.

Finding the best garage lighting solutions involves being ingenious sometimes. If you will be working under a parked vehicle, then lights that are built into the bottom rail of cabinetry or specialized drop lights should work fine. Fluorescent lighting can also cover a wide range of area and space. Knowing whether to purchase the T4, T5, T8 or a heavy duty T12 light bulb will depend much on the available space for the lighting fixtures.

The main idea behind lighting a room including a garage is make it possible for the light to spread evenly across an entire area. Lights that are close to the face, or short distance away can cause temporary blindness, or become harsh on the eyes if they are too powerful. This is why the lower the lights are installed to the ground, the dimmer they should be.

These are just a few tips that you should keep in mind when looking for a solution for your garage lighting. Remember that there is no substitute for quality. If you buy something cheap, don’t expect it to last for a long time.

Garage Lighting Tips

Your garage can be like your second home if you choose to spend much of your time there. Like your home, you may need to find more appropriate lighting for a more comfortable setting or work environment.

The type of lighting you may be looking for would vary dependent upon the size of your garage, the distance or closeness you need for what you do there and the brightness you are looking for.


To efficiently light up a two car garage, remove the bare bulb porcelain fixtures and replace each with an 8-ft fluorescent one. Since 8 ft.bulbs are alittle difficult to handle, use two 4 footers. Avoid regular magnetic ballasts in standard T12 florescent fixtures if the temperature in your garage will drop below 60 degrees.

If your garage temperature will drop below 50°F, buy fixtures with electronic ballasts (not electromagnetic) because they start in temperatures down to 0 degrees F and lower. The more energy efficient fixtures take size T8 lamps (1 in. wide). The cost will be more initially but will save you money over time. Avoid energy-saver.

If you need to use your garage lighting to distinguish true colors of paints and stains, make sure you get lamps with a color rendering index of 85 or above. This number will not be on the bulb or the packaging, but will be in the company procuct catalog or on some web sites.


In having a garage game room, the light you choose may not be as important as a workshop, of course. You may want to try different types of lighting.

For instance, a pool table or some other gaming table light may be needed directly above your game area for the serious gamers and its brightness will be important, but you may want softer light at a sitting area nearby.

Be creative by thinking about the lighting with similiar game rooms you have been in. Did they create the atmosphere you are looking for? Many game rooms have a dark feel to them. Is this what you are looking for? Think about the lighting from your garage windows and the time of day you will be spending most of your time there.


With a shortage of space in the house or the volume of noise and distractions, an office in the garage may be just the right answer for the sake of peace or to get your job done.

It will probably be most helpful to partition your garage office from the rest of the garage for several reasons, including some of those just listed above. But also, it may be a good idea to avoid showing off your computer to the neighbors while the garage door is opened or make visitors too curious by being able to easily access your office, especially if entry into the house is usually via the garage.

Consider what electrical outlets you are going to need and the lighting you are comfortable with in your typical office setting. And you should know from experience what type of lighting you work well with in your current office setting.

You may need to adjust your lighting in the rest of the garage to get the optimal and comfortable environment your are looking for so that you will be able to work long hours in your office.

Whatever lighting environment you are looking for, with the difficult economy, using your garage rather than building on an addition to your home may be just the right answer to providing the right place and space for your needs. It is certainly a cost efficient answer when considering the alternative.