Select Location Lighting

Check your garage for some localized dark spots. Sometimes an extra light over a specific spot will increase the overall feel of the lighting in the entire garage. Here is a classy option made by Lithonia Lighting which also happens to be LED which will be much less expensive to operate.

Here is a classy and easy to use and install light fixture that will work well over any workbench or work area and offer the garage lighting scheme a wonderful addition. You can use this near a shelving unit in your garage to light up that area when you are finding items stored, or perhaps you could use this over a hallway or walking path, which will aide in safety. This is especially important near steps or staircases.

Here is also a much less expensive option to compare against. I think you’ll find that the $99 option is a superb value and likely the best and most versatile lighting for you.


Variety of Options

You have a lot of options for your garage lighting. A common option is still fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting looks good, and is generally visually appealing. Below are some pictures of lights that would look good for for your garage lighting project.

Garage-Lighting-Ideas-With-Red-Cabinets and porsche




Many people use their garage for far more than just items pertaining to their automobiles. For them the garage is a retreat, a place to get creative and a place to create or perhaps just recreate. Light up your garage properly!



Here is another option for you. It looks quite similar, but in fact it is LED lighting. LED is far more energy efficient and cost effective. The initial investment is slightly higher, however the payback begins immediately.  You will noticed the same lumen output as the traditional bulbs, or perhaps even be able to choose as expansion to light up more of your garage. Either way, your lower energy bills may just keep you smiling.



Your garage lighting ideas will come to reality.

Garage Parking Stop Light

Garage Stop Light Parking Alert

Garage Stop Light products help you park in your garage safely and quickly without damage to your car or your garage. It can easily cost several hundred dollars to have the paint job fixed on your car door.

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Click on images to enlarge. There are also systems for multiple car garages that will help maintain order in your entire garage.

Garage Stop Light Help for Other drivers

Using a system like the garage stop light will also help if you have other drivers in the house who might not be as careful when pulling into the garage. Teenage drivers are infamous for smashing bikes, scraping paint off the sides of doors and can end up being an expensive ordeal. Maybe your husband would love one of these as a gift to finally settle the squabbling about parking and ‘who used the car last’ arguments.

Garage Stop Light range chart

Another reason for many garage accidents is when drivers are in a big hurry. Everything from fear of missing a TV show to just rushing in for supper after a long day at the office can cause simple oversights that lead to crushed items left out a little too far from the wall, or dented door panels or painful long scrapes in the paint. Take you time when you park and a Garage Stop Light is a great way to remind you.

You can also make your own simple parking reminders. Take a tennis ball, connect it to a string and attach it to the ceiling perfectly centered where your car should be parked each time. This way, it will hit just below your rear view mirror when you pull into the garage and you will know exactly when to stop.

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Park safely and quickly with the Garage Stop Light products, as they will make your garage more functional, safer and allow you to use your limited space more wisely.